Karen Cygnarowicz

In 2012, artist Karen Cygnarowicz moved away from the only home she knew in Maryland to a small town in Vermont where she founded her art practice. Always a writer, she began with mark-making and painting. In sharing the process, Wild Light Design was originally an Etsy shop, a place where friends and family could buy artwork.

The following two years, Karen moved to travel abroad and cross-country while studying her MFA in Writing. A watercolor set and journal became her studio.

In 2015, Karen found space in the Pacific Northwest and nested in Portland, Oregon where her work deepened in practice and developed in design. Textile design, weaving, natural dying, jewelry making, and macramé were major explorations. 

She returns to root and write in Vermont for the winter of 2018. 'Place', 'Nature', and 'Connection' remain themes in focus of all media.

To date, her rich professional experience working in the arts at Vermont College of Fine Arts, WildCraft Studio School, and Modern Macramé has offered exposure to various crafts and a devoted honor of the material at hand. 

In five years, WLD houses an entire toolkit of knowledge:

  • mixed media (acrylic- and watercolor- painting, color theory, illustration)

  • fiber art (textile design, weaving, knot-tying, natural dying, jewelry making to large scale installations and furniture)

  • the business of art (e-commerce, web development, marketing, blogging and social media, press, commissions, retail wholesale partnerships)

  • the community of art (inclusiveness, sharing and showing work, installation, assisting and teaching workshops, and sustainability).

Wild Light Design is always open to evolving within collaboration, partnership, interview, or simply conversation over tea. Stay in touch here.