a career

Searching for the next big thing. After leaving a job in the arts at a time I needed to, I have been filling my days with a spectrum of events, trips, and routines. I sleep through the night now. I drink my coffee slow now. My inboxes are finally unfolding over years those letters tapered. While I am forever navigating a career in visual art, I wish (or will) to return to a life of what sustains me--words.

In some ways, the writing community I am a player in is full of misdirection, distraction. We are competitors. It's so unpredictable! Pennies for thoughts. A goat farm where the biggest personality summits, for "the best" sight.

I guess what I am always asking for is guidance, care, and thoughtful opportunities. I am asking myself what works, too. Recently, a writer-friend asked me, "You're still writing, right?" And girl, am I ever.

Karen Cygnarowicz at Modern Macrame