Mystery Tiny Painting

Mystery Tiny Painting


While ever on the road, I would make tiny paintings to better fund my travels. Tiny paintings, or bookmarks, or notecards, or gift tags, or reminders. Little reminders that art is everywhere. Sometimes there are words typewritten. Sometimes there are watercolors involved. Oil pastel. Pen. Thread. People have found excitement in making a puzzle of my work, displaying two or three at a time to make a complete piece. I believe each one tells a story, each one offers various marks, and sometimes they work well together.  

〰 If you see something within the photos that you like, let me know and I'll see if it is still available. Otherwise, I can pick out a few that work well together, or make pieces that are of a particular color scheme, mood, or size. 

〰 If you want multiple pieces, please note the price amount is for ONE tiny painting, and you will need to reconsider the quantity. 

〰 All sizes vary. All under 6x6".

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