Wholesale Offerings

Macramé Hangers

Handmade in cotton, jute, or hemp string on wood or brass rings. single-, double-, and triple-hangers hold 4-8” potted plants. Approximate lengths, measured from top of ring to end of fringe, range 40-55” when suspended. The recommended retail price is $40 for any style.


Accent Rugs

Woven and knotted accent rugs are handmade with various materials (cotton spun in Turkey or wool spun and naturally dyed in Nepal, for examples). Approximate size ranges about 2x4’-4x6’. Recommended retail prices are $70-300 depending on size and chosen materials. Inquire for further particulars and production time.


Woven Art

In an effort of sustainability, all other woven art is made with scrap, found, or recycled materials. As organic as the process of gathering, the pieces are abstract and unique to their own. Possibilities may include wall hangings, bookmarks, coasters, and more. What does your shop need?


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